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The Barney's New York collection is a private label of the luxury department store Barney's, created to "broaden the selection to encompass casual and dressy as well as career clothes."

The new Gen  -  Pay for Trend rather than Brand

The new design project aims to reinvent luxury marketing for younger shoppers.

BARH-ness is a brand-new, online themed shopping platform affiliated with Barney‘s.


Hunger Marketing

Themes change twice a month. Every theme will provide 120-150 products, each with only 75-100 pieces. Every week before launching the new theme, BARH-ness will publish clues on social media to boost consumers' expectations. The choice of the theme is based on trend research, marketing analysis, and unique customer insights. Some of the selected consumers will be given the opportunity to provide us with inspiration and creativity. All of our products is carefully selected by experienced, professional buyers. Furthermore, BAHR-ness will work with designers and different brands on their new season's product to generate greater consumer interest. This brand-new consumption pattern can stimulate consumption better than ever, create conversation, facilitate the flow of goods, and bring us closer to consumers.

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