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Just in case you're curious about my design process :)

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👩🏼‍💻 Overall

💼 Kick-off Meeting

Starting the UX process - Project kick-off meeting help me get together with the client when a project starts. I do them to make the project start as smooth and fast as I can.

- Acquire domain knowledge

- Get the stakeholders and the design team on the same page

- Explain UX process and challenges

- Create a detailed project plan

- Build trust

📜 Research Canvas

A framework for designing & aligning the DNA of my research study

- Brand Persona

- SMART Product Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound

- Fears & Obstacles

- Assumptions & Hypotheses

- Features Prioritization

- Competitors Analysis & SWOT Analysis

- User Journey featuring Jobs To Be Done

- Brand Analysis, Strategy, System

- Downloaded and tried the existing app/ product/ platform

📊 SWOT Analysis & Competitors Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning technique used to help us identify Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

🧠 Interviews & Observations - Empathize with the users

Interviews and Observations are field study methods like contextual inquiries.

- To inform Personas, Journey Maps, Feature Ideas, Workflow Ideas

- To enrich a contextual inquiry study by supplementing observation with descriptions of tools, processes, bottlenecks, and how users perceive them

- At the end of a interview/usability test, to collect verbal responses related to observed behaviors

👀 Observations - Journey Map / POEMS

POEMS stands for People, Objects, Environments, Messages, and Services. This exercise provides a simple framework for quick and surprisingly deep user observation.

- People: The demographics, roles, behavioral traits, and quantity of people in the environment

- Objects: The items the people are interacting with, including furniture, devices, machines, appliances, tool, etc

- Environments: Observations about the architecture, lighting, furniture, temperature, atmosphere, etc

- Message: The tone of the language or commonly used phrases in tag lines, social/professional interactions, and/or environmental messages

- Services: All services, apps, tools, and frameworks used

🧮 Processing Data and Findings

Find the story & focus in the data


- The big picture

- Structure

- BrainStorm

- White Board

- Ideation

- User Flow & Use Case

- Insights & Opportunities

- Define the problem

- Identifying the users' needs

- Ideate

- Generating ideas for design

💡 Insights & Opportunities / Design Criteria

🦄 User Persona & User Journeys & Storyboards

⛓ Sitemap - User Task Flows - Information Architecture - Content Planning/Strategy

📆 Project Deliverables Template

📰 Implement - Low-Fidelity Wire w/ Prototypes - User Testing

User Testing

- Heuristic Evaluation & Cognitive Walkthrough

- Card Sorting

- A/B Testing - P=()y/x+10*y/w)*2^z)*10 - P: Task Performance; x: # of clicks; y: succeed(1) / fail(0); z: direct(1) / indirect(0); w: time

🧬 Mood Board - Style Guide - Atomic-Design System

Mood Board ⇢ Guide Words ⇢ Style Guide ⇢ Wireframe ⇢ Design System

Atomic - Design System

- Molecules

- Organisms


- Pages

📲 High-Fidelity Wire w/ Prototypes - User Testing

Evaluation Deliverables - Usability Report

Satisfaction - usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product

📖 Reference

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