Jamais vu


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Jamais vu intends to helps you observe and discover your id, ego, and super-ego from another dimension. Make more efficient growth plans and a better focus on your life and mental health. 


The Mission

Imagine you could be

the one to change it all

Become the master of your life only by knowing yourself. Recognize your personality, emotions, thinking patterns, learning patterns, and cognitive models. Learn how to manage and regulate your emotions. Now, try to think about why you think like this and what makes you think this way.

The results of the test will become data in the Jamais vu database for recording and analysis. Some of the test results will not be fed back directly to the user in the form of text but indirectly on their Planet.

Based on the user's personal information, data, and some of the results of the test, Jamais vu will provide you with detailed advice and a therapy plan: forgiveness therapy, gratitude journal, trigger-finding, fight or flight, etc.

The test section of Jamais vu contains five different categories: Personality (14), Emotional (4), Career (14), Relationship (5), and health (19). All tests are available in both text and voice versions.

Your Planet will record your changes and become your test report. The virtual shape is just a metaphor; the form won't upset users about specific test results. Every trait is part of you, and you should try to learn to accept who you really are.

The color, shape, ingredients, and aura—the whole appearance of your Planet— depends entirely on your personal information, background, and test results. Your age, gender, nationality, place of residence, family status, and all of the factors you provide to us will be reflected on your Planet. This necessary information will determine the state and composition of your Planet. The test results will be reflected on the planet in the form of a lattice. A Planet is not just 2D geometry but a topological figure. Changes in the test results will be directly reflected on your Planet, and each significant change and any progress will become a natural satellite orbiting your Planet.

Geometric topology

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